Welcome to Project:Charart! Also known as PCA! Edit

This project is for providing all character articles with high-quality art, and while you're here, you may learn some things too!

Project Details
This project is a fairly new project with Stoneclaw as the leader of the project with Mistypebble as deputy and with no SWs. Please read the guidelines before joining this project. We hope you will enjoy this project! =D
Project Members
Leader: Stoneclaw
Deputy: Mistypebble
Senior Warriors: N/A
Warriors: Sweetflower
Apprentices: Leopardpath, Cinder
Elders (Inactive members): N/A


Note: This project needs more lineart.

Leader, long, femaleLeader, long, maleLeader, short, femaleLeader, short, maleWarriorlfWarriorlmWarriorsfWarriorsmDeputylfDeputylmDeputysfDeputysmApprenticelfApprenticelmApprenticesmApprenticesf

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